Thursday, September 15, 2016

                                                      people suck

i hate everyone their stupid i hate all the cool kids in school even the ones in the nerd section.
i hate the bullies that gather around my locker. I hate the class clowns that makes up jokes to pick on us
i hate the spaghetti they serve in the school cafeteria i hate the unstable ass home i live in i hate the abuse i get from home i hate my life and the people that abused it
                                             Land of the opposites

opposite of human dark and shallow
 Infected with hate
And bruised by bitterness.
Wounded by fake smiles, hugs and I love yous.
Possessed by the most powerful and unstable demon..

Its ugly on the outside
yet beautiful on the inside
Despised and hated by many
Loved by few..

A land where you can be you.
A land where your not accepted by few.
A land where nobody judges you..
A land where you ca be you.

where Silence and isolation is the cure..
no humans.. no technology just air
envy jealousy and greed disappears and
Silence and isolation prolongs your years.

but life is not a fairy tale or so it seems
Deaths angel has opened up its wings